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Peace of Mind Mental Wellness Services

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Dionne Scott- Boissard 

Welcome to Peace of Mind

Hello! and Welcome to Peace of Mind. My Name is Dionne Scott-Boissard and I  am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in the treatment of various challenges that can impact an individual's day-to-day experiences. You can come explore your thoughts and feelings and be okay with not being okay.  I am here to offer you an honest support system, coping skills, and techniques for navigating obstacles in your life.


 I utilize an Existential lens and a Transpersonal approach to therapy believing each person has the freedom, the power, and the responsibility to be their own best version of themselves. I will support your growth, facilitate skill development, and encourage authentic living.


If you are looking for a place to be heard, a space to heal, and an opportunity to move beyond the barriers of life, then I invite you to join me here at Peace of Mind!

Who Is Therapy For?

Therapy is for you and anyone who has the courage to practice self-care. Taking the time to show up for yourself and prioritize your own peace of mind aligns you with your own worthiness and the ability to be the best version of yourself everyday. I will honor your courage with my commitment to always give you my best professional assistance. 



At Peace of Mind you will learn skills and techniques to move beyond:


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Individual Therapy

 I will listen to your story and offer you a nonjudgmental, objective perspective. I do not have the answers; they are already within you. My work is to help you recognize this truth and offer you tools that you can utilize to sustain a healthy approach to life.

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Speaker Engagmenents

Do you have an upcoming event or conference where your audience could benefit from learning tips on mastering their highest self via mindfulness and awarness techniques?

Dionne is a passionate speaker relating to topics of generational healing, cultural connectedness, establishing worthiness, restoring balance and power within, and much more.  

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Together Our Universe Can Heal

TOUCH is a 8 Week program which offers an opportunity to utilize one’s personal responsibility as self to increase authentic living from within while offering abundance to others resulting in the generation of positive interactions and healthy outcomes for all.  

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Media & Resources

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Wellness Weekly

Enjoy relatable pieces of literature between sessions to support your healing journey.

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A Deeper Thought

Join our community of healers and healing discussion on the " Deeper Thought podcast".

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Journey Support 

Additional resources and support methods can be found here.

What Clients Say

"Dr. Boissard is extremely attentive and offers sound tools to help you overcome your issue with understanding. She will not leave you feeling worse or uncertain than how you initially started. She lets you see and understand from a different perspective. She assigns homework that is personal to you to evoke your inner feelings and thoughts in a positive way. She’s awesome. I recommend you choose Dr Boissard."
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"Head High, Crown Straight"

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